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8 Engagement Video Posing Tips

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

We understand how hard it is to feel and look natural in front of the camera. Our goal is to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. We made this pose guide to give you a reference point to get familiar with some of the poses we do and how they look, so when we get out there we can have all the fun! We like to keep the best parts of our films flowing in order to make it come together organically. We focus more on the emotion and feeling and the poses are just fun. If you don't know what to do with your hands just put them on your partner! We like the constant connection of a dance or playing around so you always end up back on each other.



We just met at the location, camera comes out and you might feel little anxious. Don't worry! Start super simple by holding hands and looking at each other while walking side by side. This never fails, we always get a smile! This is funny because at this point we are walking backwards trying not to trip! we feel like we become invisible because you are solely vested in each other. You forget we are even there and that's when the magic starts happening.



"The lead" is a super cool pose because it shows that you trust in the other person and you want to be part of their world - kind of reminds me of Aladdin holding his hand out to Jasmine and asks "do you trust me" before they embark on the magic carpet ride around the world. In this pose both of you get to lead because we always like to keep poses consistent and give each of you a chance to lead the journey.



Holding hands makes great connection between you two. Think of it as when you started dating and you couldn't wait to hold each other, or that first touch you had with a bit of hesitation. We like when you subtly show off your ring hand while holding hands.



Do you like to have fun and just go with the flow? This pose is for you! There is nothing more silly than horsing smiling with pure & raw happy smiles. Most of the poses we do are inspired by the couples; they just want to try things out and we love to try new things out. Just make sure you work out before you try this pose ;)



This is pose is where you get face to face! You can rub on his beard or move her hair to one side, go in for a slight kiss and stare at each other's eyes. From this pose we also do a modified version where you can touch each other's faces and say, "come here for a kiss!"



This one is a personal favorite! It starts out by you being on opposite ends and walking or running towards each other. Once you reach each other it's like an explosion! We tell you to do whatever feels natural to you. A little note here - the way we like to play out this pose is putting you in a "scene." Think of it as you both have been apart for a long time on a trip and you are seeing each other for the first time and are running towards each other. What would happen next? We like to leave it open ended because that way we keep it real and up to your wildest dreams.



Hold hands together and run away into the world. You can look at each other or look back at the camera. This pose says a lot; maybe we should of called it "running towards our new life we going to start together!" And the looking back says "look how much we have accomplished!" This is a happy pose as the mindset is "together we are unstoppable we won't ever let each other go!"



This pose brings pure joy. It brings you back to those carefree days when you were a kid and held hands and everything is funny. This time around, doing this with someone who you are seeing a new future with sparks that kid in you and that future self you always wanted.


We really hope our pose guide helped you find the spark of inspiration you needed to make your video feel genuine and authentic!

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